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I recently had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica. We spent 6 glorious nights around the country. We landed in San Jose, then took a small plane to our first resort in Santa Teresa. We spent 2 nights in Nantipa Resort. This resort was our absolute favorite! Every room has its own building with your own private pool, set in the rainforest, but this resort is also right on the beach. There is one restaurant here with amazing food and service, and the beach was breathtakingly beautiful!

After 2 nights, we travelled to the Arenal Volcano area near La Fortuna and stayed in Tabacon Resort for another 2 nights. This is a beautiful area and there are hot springs everywhere! In fact, for the hot water, this resort uses the natural hot springs to heat up the water. This resort is very environmentally friendly. We went ziplining while we were here, which was amazing! We did a private tour through Jacamar Tours. It rained while we were on this tour, which was really cool, ziplining in the rainforest while it’s raining!

After this, we travelled to San Jose and stayed in Hotel Presidente, right in the central part of the city. The cool thing about this area is that San Jose has a pedestrian boulevard (1 block away from our hotel) where there are lots of shops and food on this street. We went here a lot for the 2 nights we spent here.

After 2 nights in San Jose, we came home. Costa Rica is a beautiful place and is a destination I will definitely return to, many times!

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Even though the islands of Fiji are over 6,000 miles away, the people of Fiji will make you feel right at home. Our overnight Fiji Airlines flight departed from L.A. and when the sun came up, we were landing in Fiji. Clearing emigration and customs in Fiji, I was greeted with “welcome home”.

During WWII, the US had a large military presence in Fiji as a first line of defense against invasion from Japan. Fortunately, the islands were never attacked but the people of Fiji are so grateful for the US presence that they still greet Americans joyfully with “welcome home”. Fijians love Americans!

I traveled as a guest of the Fiji Tourism Board with five other travel advisors from across the US. We stayed in four amazing resorts and saw firsthand the beautiful, unspoiled beaches, the unique hikes and activities and genuine warmth of the Fijian people.

Fiji is famous for its vibrantly colored soft coral reef, the third largest in the world and there is a visible effort at the resorts to keep their island home as pristine as possible. At each resort, we were shown the behind-the-scenes efforts at conservation.

The luxurious Jean Michael Cousteau on the island of Vanua Levu carries on the Cousteau legacy in everything they do. Each of the twenty-four individual bures, or grass-thatched villas, are naturally cooled with well-planned cross ventilation.

Their full-time marine biologist works constantly to study the changes in the 60 km Namena reef that surrounds them in the Savusavu Bay. Their team plants coral to keep the reef as healthy as possible. Much of the food is grown onsite by a team of gardeners using recycled grey water and resort compost. But there is romance and family fun as well.

I spent the afternoon with a picnic and book in a hammock on the small private island a short boat or kayak ride away. I saw brilliant blue starfish for the first time in the shallow water offshore.

The Bula Club for kids is complimentary and full of adventures and crafts. Young children have their own nanny included in the stay so parents can enjoy the daily included activities like waterfall hikes, visits to a local village and farmers market, spa treatments and more.

As expected, Jean Michel Cousteau Resort has a well-staffed PADI dive center with multiple dive masters. I loved diving in the colorful soft coral reef and seeing hundreds fish and a turtle. Of course, they offer PADI dive certification at the resort for anyone who wants to learn how to dive. Fresh food, friendly staff and world-class diving in the bay offshore makes this resort great for all ages.

Nanuku Island Resort is located on a 500 acre oceanfront estate about an hour drive from the capital, Suva. There is also a private airstrip for those visitors who simply can’t wait.

We were greeted again by drumbeating, singing warriors in traditional attire. The greeting extended to my name spelled out in white rocks at the bottom of my own private plunge pool.

The villas are large with a private pool enclosure including lounge chairs and hammock, living area with minifridge and fruit and separate bedroom and bathroom. In addition to the spacious soaking tub, it was wonderful to stand under the outdoor shower and wash away the day’s salt and sand.

Like the Cousteau resort, Nanuku takes conservation seriously. We toured a large garden, fishpond recycling grey water and I saw my first mongoose in the garden, although snakes are not a threat in Fiji.

Fijians are proud of their culture and are eager to share it with authentic cultural experiences. I loved our warrior cooking class and nighttime firewalking presentation.

The ancient tradition of fire walking firewalking is exclusive to the small island of Beqa. We felt privileged to witness this sacred tradition when they arrived at Nanuku for the resort show.

Families are welcome at Nanuku with their kid’s club activities and kid’s pool. They are so busy we didn’t see any in the oceanfront infinity pool. Nanuku is also set up for beautiful weddings on the beach or on an ocean front balcony. We had a romantic private dinner on the dock surrounded by candles and our own waiter. Whitewater rafting, diving, snorkeling, a spa visit and massage, crab hunting in the mangroves or a visit to Nanuku’s private island make this a great resort for everyone.

Our third stop was Six Senses Resort on Malolo Island, only 16 miles from Nadi international airport. It is an exhilarating speedboat or catamaran ride or you can take a seaplane. Again, the Fijian welcome committee is large and singing loudly at the dock.

Doni Rasmussen

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I had the wonderful opportunity to experience Ponant’s ice breaker ship called Le Commandant Charcot. It was a short sailing of 4 days at sea between Brest in France and Reykjavik in Iceland. 4 days at sea gave me the chance to explore every aspect of the ship and above all to learn all about the construction of the ship and what it can achieve on the ice.

Le Commandant Charcot is the only ice breaker ship in the world rated C2. The level of technology is beyond comparison. Its eco friendly design comprising a hybrid propulsion system has never been seen before in the polar regions. The Blue Lagoon pool and the benches on the promenade deck are heated by recycled energy generated by the ship’s propulsion. The use of liquefied natural gas and electric batteries – largest battery bank ever used on a cruise ship – provide both zero atmospheric emission and silent sailing. The ship has two research laboratories on board to allow scientists to collect data that will increase our knowledge of the poles.

All cabins and suites have a balcony, a king bed or two twin beds, 110V American and 220V European outlets. The spa offers a sauna with a spectacular view of the ocean and a snow room for a typical Scandinavian hot and cold experience. There are many lovely salons for reading, listening to music or enjoying teatime. All of them are cozy and intimate. Lectures on board are provided by naturalists and members of the exploration team. You learn from experts about the ocean, the North pole, Antarctica, and the fabulous early century explorers and their expeditions. Depending on the itinerary the trip includes all kinds of outdoor activities such as kayaking, ice expedition, snowshoeing, dog sleight adventure.

If your dream is to go to Antarctica or the North Pole but feel guilty about the impact on the area, your only and best option is to sail with Ponant on Le Commandant Charcot. You will have an astounding experience.



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I recently had the opportunity to go to Huatulco, Mexico. We spent 5 amazing Days at the Secrets Resort. This resort sits in a private cove with an amazing beach. The resort has amazing views, amazing food, has an incredible Spa, all with outstanding Service. Huatulco is a clean retirement Community so it’s a great place to send those Clients who are a little nervous about traveling to Mexico. Huatulco is a very safe destination. They have no nightlife; the town closes down around 8pm. Swim under the Beautiful Waterfalls, Snorkel in amazing coves or book a Fishing Charter are just some of the great options to do in Huatulco. This is a destination that I will definitely return too.

A few months ago, I touched on daring our clients to explore the wonders of South America. Larry Gelwix and I have discussed the issue at large during our weekly travel show on KNRS radio. For many, thousands, and even more, South America is still “Terra Incognita;” lands to be discovered. Unknown lands.

In the minds of many travelers, who had ventured beyond United States, there is a misconception about South America, especially in terms of languages, food, and vistas. I asked many of our clients if they had ever visited South America. The answer is always “YES, I have been to Mexico;” INCORRECT! What about food? No tacos, no enchiladas, no tortillas, no chilaquiles breakfast, no pozoles. Not in South America. The diversity is mind boggling, starting with different nuances in the Spanish or Portuguese language. Each region within countries and each country offers multiple choices in terms of landscape such as the Andes, which cross south America from north to south, the fertile pampas in Argentina, the desert coast along the Pacific coast from Peru to Chile. The Nazca Lines and Lake Titicaca in southern Peru.

The Ballestas Islands (called the Little Galapagos) off the coast of Peru. Also unknown to many other islands, such as Easter Island (Rapa Nui), the Robinson Crusoe Islands, both part of the Chilean territory; the Galapagos Archipelago close to Ecuador; and Cape Horn, at the bottom of Chile and Argentina, only 36 hours sailing to Antarctica.

One of my favorite places is Patagonia; a land of adventurers and colonizers, where emperors ruled; discoverers walked, and navigators, like Magellan set their foot and left indelible marks in the annals of history. Next year, Larry and I will host a group to this destination.

I lived in Patagonia for many years. I would like to quote Charles Darwin. His words express my feelings about this land that extends from half of Chile and Argentina to the southernmost end of the South American continent. Darwin wrote in his journal: “The scenes which are deeply impressed in my mind; none exceed in sublimity the primeval forests, undefaced by the hands of man. The plains of Patagonia are boundless… and hence unknown: they bear the stamp of having lasted for ages, and there appears no limit to their duration through future time.

Carlos Fida

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