My Lapland Christmas Adventure

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My Lapland Christmas Adventure

Welcome to the country of a thousand lakes!

If you like nature, silence and beauty Lapland is for you. After 8 days spent in Finnish Lapland, I am overwhelmed with feelings of peace and excitement. It was a dream trip for many reasons. With some of the happiest people on the planet, more than a hundred thousand lakes, forest for as far as the eye can see, and a sauna in almost every household, it is no wonder Finland is often called a Nordic utopia. The air is pure, the water is clear, and wildlife is always around. The sun never fully rises in December but the light coming from the white snow makes for a winter wonderland. It is mystical.

The most important reason to visit Lapland is to try all the outdoor activities it offers. During my short visit, I was able to learn about the culture of the Sami’s people, go snowshoeing on many trails, snowmobiling under the moon. My most favorite was a dogsled ride thru frozen lakes and forests. Driving a dogsled was a challenge but after a few minutes, I could relax and enjoy the experience to the fullest. The huskies become your friends and they show their love at the end of the ride.

After so many hours spent outdoors in minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit, I understand why the Finns love their sauna. I enjoyed a private sauna in the middle of the forest. I met with a “shaman” in a hut heated by a campfire. He was a storyteller, a very good actor. The setting was perfect for the story. Finland is the land of reindeers. There are 200,000 of them which is more than the population. They all have an owner, but they roam free. They are part of the scenery, their antlers are used for many crafts and of course, sadly, their meat is on every restaurant menu. If you do not eat meat, no worries, you will find delicious salmon on each menu as well.

The excitement and adventure do not stop at the end of the day, you can stay in amazing design hotels located in the heart of Arctic nature. I stayed in Rovaniemi at the Arctic Tree House. The cozy accommodations sit on a steep wooded hill slope and thanks to a huge glass wall you can enjoy the breathtaking views. It feels like nature is looking at you. In Levi I stayed at Levi igloos, in a luxurious hut with glass ceiling. On the last night, as I was going back to my iglut after dinner, I had the most beautiful experience of the whole trip, I saw The Northern Lights. A spectacular light show. A memory I will keep forever.

I am grateful I was able to visit Lapland. It was the perfect Christmas gift! I can make it your gift for next year.



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