Sailing on an Ice Breaker with Ponant

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Sailing on an Ice Breaker with Ponant

I had the wonderful opportunity to experience Ponant’s ice breaker ship called Le Commandant Charcot. It was a short sailing of 4 days at sea between Brest in France and Reykjavik in Iceland. 4 days at sea gave me the chance to explore every aspect of the ship and above all to learn all about the construction of the ship and what it can achieve on the ice.

Le Commandant Charcot is the only ice breaker ship in the world rated C2. The level of technology is beyond comparison. Its eco friendly design comprising a hybrid propulsion system has never been seen before in the polar regions. The Blue Lagoon pool and the benches on the promenade deck are heated by recycled energy generated by the ship’s propulsion. The use of liquefied natural gas and electric batteries – largest battery bank ever used on a cruise ship – provide both zero atmospheric emission and silent sailing. The ship has two research laboratories on board to allow scientists to collect data that will increase our knowledge of the poles.

All cabins and suites have a balcony, a king bed or two twin beds, 110V American and 220V European outlets. The spa offers a sauna with a spectacular view of the ocean and a snow room for a typical Scandinavian hot and cold experience. There are many lovely salons for reading, listening to music or enjoying teatime. All of them are cozy and intimate. Lectures on board are provided by naturalists and members of the exploration team. You learn from experts about the ocean, the North pole, Antarctica, and the fabulous early century explorers and their expeditions. Depending on the itinerary the trip includes all kinds of outdoor activities such as kayaking, ice expedition, snowshoeing, dog sleight adventure.

If your dream is to go to Antarctica or the North Pole but feel guilty about the impact on the area, your only and best option is to sail with Ponant on Le Commandant Charcot. You will have an astounding experience.



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