Travel Agents vs. the Digital Age

IMPORTANT – If booking international travel, PLEASE make sure you have a valid passport at the time of book. Also, COVID Travel, Testing and Health Requirement information is provided by your Travel Advisor as guidance only and can change without notice. Always reconfirm information by checking government & airline websites before booking and traveling.

Travel Agents vs. the Digital Age

Are you wondering which destination is right for you? Which cruise line would best fit your style and expectations? What is the best value for your travel dollars? Do you need a passport and a visa? Is it the rainy season? What will I see? Do I need travel insurance and what does it cover? If you are asking these kinds of questions, make sure you ask a Morris Murdock Travel Agent! Conversing with a Morris Murdock Travel Agent is a great way to research and plan your next dream vacation!

Why should I use a travel agent?

Just calling or coming in to Morris Murdock Travel sets one of our highly experienced travel specialists in to action. Morris Murdock’s travel specialists will take care of every detail from planning the trip to welcoming you home. Morris Murdock Travel is the largest leisure travel agency in the Mountain West and we have access to all of the special pricing. You won’t find a better value because our travel agents take pride in providing you the best vacation for your vacation dollars. Our experience will make sure there are no surprises making your vacation effortless and uneventful. If you want “eventful” we can take care of that too planning zip line adventures in Costa Rica, whale watching in Maui, hiking on the Galapagos Islands or just about anything you can think of.

I often get asked if buying travel on the internet is cheaper. That is an easy one. No, it isn’t cheaper; in fact if you make an error on your internet reservation it can really cost you. The internet does not have any cheaper pricing than Morris Murdock Travel. Also, the internet doesn’t have skilled travel agents that know about your destination, know the documents you may need, know how to take care of the incredibly important details and know the penalties for changing or cancelling. The current trend is that internet travel shoppers are now coming back to travel agents because there is no price advantage and on their own they are making costly mistakes. Your Morris Murdock travel agent will help you through every step making sure your vacation really turns out to be a vacation.

Last winter had travelers stuck back east in a heavy snowstorm and freezing rain. Flights were cancelled and everything was a mess. Our traveler called for help and with our agent’s skill and knowledge problems were solved and she was on her way home as soon as possible. Her colleagues continued to try calling the airlines to no avail. They eventually arrived home about 24 hours later than our traveler. Morris Murdock’s travel agents will take the guesswork and unknowns out of your important vacation.

Should I buy Travel Insurance?

There is one thing you should always consider when purchasing a trip. What could go wrong! To protect you and your vacation investment I strongly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance. What if you get sick on the trip? What if you have a death in the family and can’t travel? What if your flights are cancelled and you miss your cruise? These situations and many others could cost you thousands of dollars and a lot of concern. Just this past summer one of our travelers with a critical illness had to be flown back to the U.S. from Thailand on a medical jet. The cost of the transportation alone was over $100,000 which was covered under her policy. Travel Insurance can protect you in many different aspects of your trip and will give you the peace of mind to truly enjoy your trip.

Morris Murdock Travel has been in the business of planning dream vacations for over 50 years with travel agents throughout Utah, Idaho and Montana. We are dedicated to helping you find a great vacation that fits in your budget. For all of your travel needs contact Morris Murdock Travel at (800) 395-2608.

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