Why I Use A Travel Agent

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Why I Use A Travel Agent

WE'VE all heard the phrase, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.” While usually said in good fun, there is truth to the jest: if we want a different outcome, we have to change our actions.

Having been in the travel industry for over seven years now, I can tell you that I see insanity all the time. And I don’t mean in my coworkers (usually); no, this insanity lies in you, the day-to-day traveler.

Now, before you get offended and say that I called you “crazy” (which I didn’t), let me explain.

In today’s technologically-based world of I-can-do-it-myself, we naturally assume that travel falls under the purview of things we can do by ourselves. Of course it does…to a certain extent which I’ll explain later. But we go to an online travel website, find what we think is a great deal and book what we believe to be the vacation of our dreams…only it’s a half dream.

And that’s why I use Morris Murdock Travel.

Angry TravelerThe problem with online travel websites is that, by default, they’re just a program. And that program only puts out what someone else puts into it: dates, prices, facts. A program has no emotional stimulus or influence to want to make sure you, the customer, gets exactly what you want. Very often that low price you find online is the leftovers, the room or cruise ship cabin that a living, breathing travel agent could tell you really isn’t that great of a deal. But we see the low price and think, “Perfect! I just saved myself and the family!” And maybe you did, financially speaking. However, that great room you just booked is on the far side of the hotel or resort and looks into the parking lot, not at the beach or the lake or the garden. And that cruise cabin you think you got a steal on? Its right by the noisy elevator, so don’t plan on sleeping all night. What you thought you saved in dollars is going to cost you in experience.

Yes, online sites can work for smaller bookings, but this is the insanity that I see in the travel world: hardworking people who save up for a great trip, only to be cheated out of the best vacation possible…by an online program. Now, I’m not saying that all online travel websites are bad, but I am pointing out that you really don’t know what you’re buying until you get there…or ask a travel agent first.

I hear horror stories all the time. “The food was terrible” or “The room was awful” or “We wish we could get our money back.” What I’ve been noticing over the past few years is a return to the travel agent, to someone who knows what they are talking about and most of all cares about our vacation experience. A website only cares about the dollar amount; a travel agent cares about the amount of satisfaction.

I’ve fallen into the online trap, not once but twice. The first time was when I booked a room online for the Flamingo in Las Vegas. While the room was wonderful, the view was terrible. Instead of looking out over the strip, we found ourselves looking at the back of another building and the parking lot. The second time (also in Vegas) I booked a room at the Luxor. SadYou’d think I learned my lesson, but we found ourselves by the noisy elevator looking out over the airport and lots of parking lots and desert. A Morris Murdock agent would have warned me that oftentimes when you book a hotel room online, you only get the promise of a room, which means that when you check in, you get whatever is left. All your hard-earned money just bought you the bottom of the barrel.

Insanity? I’d say so.

And Morris Murdock Travel gets calls all the time from people who ask them to “fix it” because what they bought online isn’t what they really wanted. And that’s my point: Morris Murdock Travel does their utmost to get you the vacation that you really want and dream about from the start.

I’ve listened to their travel consultants work with customers. The questions they ask, their level of expertise and knowledge, even their enthusiasm is above the mark. These people are passionate about travel because they’ve traveled themselves and know the ins and outs of vacationing. They love to experience the world and want to help you do so as well.

Not only that, they have access to deals and special offers that you and I don’t. Due to their size and history (since 1958), Morris Murdock Travel has powerful relationships with some of the biggest travel, cruise and hotel companies out there. That means you still get a great deal, but you end up in the perfect room or cruise cabin or flight that you really want and deserve.

Dream VacationAnd the number of specialists they have is astounding. Want to go on an African safari? They have someone for that. Want to take the family to Disney Land or even the Holy Land? Done. Let’s make it challenging. Want to book a private plane to France, then take the rail to Germany, then fly to Beijing and then sail a private yacht with crew to Hawaii? They can do that too, and they’ll do it by making sure you save as much money as possible while getting the highest value available.

Look, I know that a lot of people out there think that travel agents cost more money to use, but in all honesty it really isn’t that expensive and isn’t spending a few extra dollars worth the peace of mind? Plus, a Morris Murdock Travel consultant will probably find you an even better deal for a better amount so I’m betting you’ll break out even…with a priceless vacation memory soon to be made.

I can’t tell you what to do with your next trip. But as for me, I’m tired of looking at walls; I want to see the world and Morris Murdock Travel can make that happen.