Honeymoon Registry

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You've found the place for the perfect honeymoon or wedding spot! Browse through our sample honeymoon registries for suggestions on all the wonderful items your friends and family can give you as a wedding gift. Design your custom wedding registry from ideas we've showcased or include your personalized honeymoon wishes. Create a stunning honeymoon registry and wedding website ~ you'll be on your way to the honeymoon of your dreams.

Morris Murdock Travel is in a unique position within the honeymoon registry industry as we can directly connect the couples to resorts, cruise lines and travel companies in destinations around the world. Many of our gift and experience registry options are specific to the resorts/cruise line/wedding venue making us much more than just a cash collecting service. There is no guess work when using Morris Murdock, the items that are available have been carefully selected and tastefully showcased.


Ideas include: 

  • Romantic Sunset Cruises
  • Room Upgrades
  • Breakfast in Bed
  • Surfing Lessons
  • Airfare
  • Rental Car
  • Golfing
  • Spending Money
  • Couple's Massage
  • Fruit Basket
  • Dinner on the Town
  • & Much More



Honeymoon Registry Testimonials:

"We received so many compliments on the wedding website and honeymoon registry and how easy it was to use for our guests. My friends said they will definitely use the honeymoon registry for their weddings!"
- Shanyn and Doug

"My best friend recommended that we register our honeymoon because we were combining two households into one and already had two of everything. The last thing we needed was more towels! Our Honeymoon was truly a dream come true. I could have never asked for a better gift from my friends and family. I had no idea there would be so many extra things to do and buy on a cruise until found the information on your site, using the honeymoon registry let me do it all!"
- Anthony and Susan

"This wedding registry is great! It provides a new, innovative way of gift giving. Not only was it easy, but we received so many compliments from so many of our guests, that I recommend this website to everyone who is engaged. Your guests will love it, and most of all you will love how much you will be able to do on your honeymoon!"
- Sara and Mark

"After browsing through all the honeymoon registries on the Internet, we came across your website and obviously loved what you had to offer. In comparison, your information was displayed clearly and there was a friendly tone to the language used to describe the process. You offered several options that were helpful and well, we are very happy so far. Have a lovely day!"
- Tim and Nichole

"Thanks! Your honeymoon registry website has been a wonderful and easy way for friends and family to send us gifts and we won't be getting any household items we can't use. Many people are looking forward to using your site for their own events as well."
- Dave and Laurie

"I would definitely recommend this honeymoon registry to other couples as an alternative to traditional gift registries!"
- Steven and Laura

"Thank you! We have loved having our website and registry with you available to our friends and family. They have enjoyed reading about us on our website and being able to contribute unique gifts to our honeymoon. We are going to have a fabulous time and can't wait to leave next week! I would like a big thanks to you for the great service you have provided!" 
- Kyle and Jennifer

"Thank you so much! The day was absolutely beautiful; there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and our 4-hour planned reception on the water turned into an 8 hour swim party. It truly was perfect. The guests loved the website too; they said it made 'registry' shopping fun because it wasn't the normal china and silver patterns. You have been great with answers and assistance. Thanks for all the info! Have a phenomenal afternoon!"
- Brenn and Jarkko

"You guys have thought of everything to make this the easiest process ever!! Who would ever think that planning a honeymoon would be so simple and FUN!!"
- Jennifer and Todd

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