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Travelex InsuranceTravelex Insurance Services is a leading travel insurance provider in the United States with 25 years of industry expertise of helping people dream, explore and travel with confidence.

Headquartered in Omaha, NE, Travelex Insurance Services was founded in 1996 when the Travelex Group purchased the travel insurance distribution services of Mutual of Omaha Companies. Shortly after, Travelex established itself as one of the top three travel insurance providers in the United States.

Travelex’s mission is to be a globally recognized travel insurance provider with heart. This is accomplished in two ways. First, by providing the best travel protection in the world while remaining true to the company’s Midwestern values. And second, by aiming to make traveling easier, better and safer for customers through innovative, highly personalized protection products and services.

Travelex is intent on being the best in the eyes of its customers as they travel and explore the world safely. Travelex encourages customers to dream, explore and travel on with confidence knowing they have a great travel insurer behind them.

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