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Quark ExpeditionsAs the leader in polar adventures, Quark makes visiting the Arctic and Antarctica possible for travelers from all over the world. The spirit of exploration runs deep in our polar pedigree and we are passionate about helping fellow adventurers experience these regions, whose purity transcends boundaries and whose beauty defies description.

Quark has spent the last three decades taking travelers on polar expeditions to remote parts of the Arctic and Antarctic where no one else has set foot. Polar expeditions have evolved since Quark Expeditions’ 1991 journey aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker Sovetskiy Soyuz. While that first journey solidified Quark Expeditions’ role as the leader in polar adventure, they’ve not rested on their laurels. Quark continues to achieve new firsts since they're forever driven to forge new paths in polar explorations.

The vessels in Quark Expeditions’ fleet accommodate anywhere from 128 to 199 passengers and they never exceed more than 200 passengers. Quark knows they can give guests the best polar experience on a smaller ship.

The Arctic
The most rugged, remote, ice-filled and unexplored regions in the world are waiting to deliver the richest travel experience you will ever have—intimate wildlife encounters, diverse landscapes and exquisite natural beauty. Trailblazer, nature-enthusiast or bucket-lister, we have an Arctic adventure for you.


Likely the farthest you will ever be from home, Antarctica is an environment of exquisite isolation—rich wildlife, stimulating history, and majestic topography. Antarctica reaches a level of beauty that is unmatched in its simplicity, flawlessness and fragility. Your voyage to the end of the Earth yields unparalleled adventure in every sense of the word.

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