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Carnival Cruise LineCarnival's fleet of 27 "Fun Ships" features everything you would find in a quality land-based resort and then some.

What is it about Carnival that separates them from the rest? More than their 27 "Fun Ships", it's an attitude. It's a commitment to consistently deliver fun, memorable vacations to Morris Columbus guests that no other cruise line can offer. Not to mention all of the beautiful destinations you'll visit on your cruise. Best of all, you'll only have to unpack once. It's truly an incredible vacation and an unbelievable value.

If that isn't reason enough, how about celebrating on Carnival. And, it's more than just birthdays, family reunions and anniversaries. It's anything that makes you feel like, well, celebrating. Carnival knows how to turn whatever reason you to have to party, pop open the champagne or cut the cake into an even more special event.

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