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Sub Zero Ice CreamIn 2004, Jerry and Naomi Hancock owned a custom wraps restaurant and wanted to provide the same customization and freedom to customers with frozen desserts.

Armed with a chemistry degree from Brigham Young University, Jerry developed a method of freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen (which comes from the air we breathe). His technique was such a success that in 2005 he opened the first Sub Zero Ice Cream shop in Orem, Utah. Since then, Sub Zero Ice Cream has changed from a small, local business into a National and International Sensation.

Sub Zero Ice Cream will continue to be the best at offering the unparalleled ability to deliver exactly the ice cream or frozen dessert that the customer wants. At our stores, each ice cream is hand-prepared, made-to-order and flash-frozen using our patented liquid nitrogen freezing process. The result is the freshest, creamiest ice cream available, and the only place where more than a trillion combinations are possible.

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