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Cari CamiCari-Cami™ allows you to invisibly carry your cell phone and other basics wherever you go and yet still be stylish. Cari-Cami™ has two pockets and carries most cell phones.

  • Discreetly and securely carry your phone, cash, debit/credit card, or ChapStick
  • Great for vacations and Disneyland - Carries your key card, cruise ID, or room key - Leave your purse in your hotel room safe
  • The Medical Option is excellent for insulin pumps, glucose monitors, inhalers, Auvi-Q and EpiPens
  • Also, can be used for concealed carry

Cari-Cami LLC is a family owned and operated company. We design and sell camisoles that provide a stylish and discreet way to carry your phone, CC/Debit Cards, passports, keys, and more. Cari-Cami™ was launched in March, 2016 after two years of research and design on how to make and use our Cari-Cami™. We have since broadened our market with sales throughout the United States. We are located in Utah.

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